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We are approved by the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB) to provide all forms of Legal Aid funding, to persons who are eligible. What this means is that you have to meet certain financial criteria that is laid down by SLAB before determining if you are eligible for Legal Aid funding for your case. SLAB also assess whether the nature, complexity or seriousness of your case is sufficient enough to warrant Legal Aid funding.

There are different types of Legal Aid available for different types of cases, and we can of course provide all of these. We therefore suggest, in the first instance, that you contact us to discuss your case and financial situation, in order that we may determine whether you are likely to qualify for Legal Aid funding or not.

Should your circumstances render you ineligible for Legal Aid funding for your particular case, we can then discuss an appropriate private fee arrangement with you, that would mean we could still carry out the work for you at an agreed rate.

Please just get in touch with us should you wish to discuss this.


We are a mixed Court practice, undertaking a wide variety of Court and Tribunal cases. We practice in Criminal Defence, Civil Litigation, and Children’s Hearings. Take a closer look at the specific areas that we practice in, below.

Criminal Defence

We provide advice and representation to people suspected or charged with any crimes, from the Police station to the Court.

Civil Litigation

We act for people across a multitude of needs, from Family Law to Housing, and Mental Health to Debt.

Children's Hearings

We represent children and their families, at Children’s Panel Hearings, and subsequent Court proceedings, from start to finish.