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If you ever come into contact with the Police for the wrong reasons, we can help straight away. Every person suspected of a crime in Scotland is entitled to immediate access to a Solicitor, in the form of having a telephone consultation prior to interview, or having the Solicitor attend at the interview personally. There is no cost to you for either of these services, as legal aid is available automatically. Should you ask for us in these circumstances, we would be delighted to act.

If you are subsequently charged with a criminal offence, we can represent you in the ensuing Court proceedings, wherever this may be. The following is a list of the most common types of criminal offences that we represent clients for in the Courts, but this is by no way exhaustive:

Murder, Attempted Murder, or Culpable Homicide

Rape, and other Sexual Offences
Drugs Offences


Wilful Fire Raising
Theft and Reset
Breach of the Peace
Road Traffic Offences

A number of Special Defences are available to accused persons charged with the above offences. For example, acting in self defence when charged with assault, incrimination (someone else committed the crime), or alibi (the accused person was elsewhere when the crime was committed).

We can fully advise and represent your interests in relation to all aspects of a criminal case against you, from start to finish.

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